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Rogue Slash is a combination of original roguelike rules with isometric hack & slash gameplay .
4 characters with a different playstyle, 8 levels and one rule - if you die then you start from the beginning.

Rogue Slash is currently in a fairly advanced stage. Currently available:
- 4 different graphic styles,
- 4 different characters,
- level generation system,
- improved stronger versions of characters to unlock,
- 12 different types of melee and ranged AI,
- randomly generated quests,
- randomly generated encounters.

I create the game by myself (OMA - One Man Army!) and this is the moment when I need your help. It's not only about financial help, by selling game in Early Access, but mainly about feedback - what did you like, what was bad, in which direction the game should be developed.
I have a lot of ideas, but I do not know what players expect. Opportunity to play coop? A permanent upgrades system? A multitude of builds? Advanced AI? I have a lot of ideas, but I am asking you to help me decide what to do first!


1. Why early access?

I launch Rogue Slash in Early Access because I need players' help to create something awesome together. I have knowledge and skills, I have ideas, I need players' advices to be sure how can I improve it.
I'm not a several hundred people company, cannot buy market research on what is expected by players. I shoudn't be guided by my personal taste, because I create this game mainly for others, not just for myself.
I need players' feedback to be able to make this game better.

2. When Rogue Slash will be finished?

The game will be in the Early Access phase until I implement the features expected by most of the players. If the players' expectations are similar to mine (mainly the ability to play coop, permanent upgrade system, more interesting generated events, secrets and challenges), the game should exit the Early Access phase by the end of 2019.

3. What differences will be between current version and final version?

I would like the full version to be roguelike with a satisfying hack & slash combat that you can play with your friends.
I would like to give players the opportunity to compete in the rankings on pregenerated levels. I would like the character upgrade to create many meaningful builds. I would like players to discover something new every time they beat the game - a new secret, a new challenge, a new piece of the story.
I would like the game to allow players to come back to it regularly and discover new additions with joy.

4. How can you help developing Rogue Slash?

The opinion of the game community is the most important for me. I work in a large gamedev company on a daily basis, but I create Rogue Slash myself in my spare time. I can do anything with the game - I'm not limited by marketing research or what the boss thinks.
If you want to shoot AK-47 with screaming unicorns, I can do it. Play, send me your opinion on comments and let's create something awesome together!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Those marvellous Paragon assets !!

Not to bad. Comabt is pretty fun. It's fast paced and I like that. I really really wish there was loot. Something that would modify my runs. Give me more damage, health, that kind of stuff. 

I would also highly recommend to remove the DnD logo that shows on the map. Wizards of the Coast can be quite litigious and that's something you don't want or need. 

Overall I look forward to seeing what you do with this game. It has potential.

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Thanks man!
I was thinking about adding loot too (so it changes stats but not how character looks - it will depends on skins) so you opinion is a +1 to my "loot" position on feature lists:D
Didn't had an idea about DnD logo... Found map icons on royality free icons site and I didn't checked what is this icon;/ I will fix it today ASAP. Thanks again!
edit: Fixed this map icon/logo problem already.